Gerasimos Siasos comes from Mesolongi and live in Athens. From his childhood he was involved in the study of Music Art. He is holder of a “Diploma of Composition” with distinction, under the teaching guidance of the Composer Michalis Tsaousis. He is also holder of a Certificate of Pedagogical Proficiency, awarded by the “Department of Pedagogical Courses” of the School of Pedagogical and Technical Education (A.S.PE.T.E.).

His first contact with the Greek traditional percussion instruments is due to Nikolaos Forlidas, and the knowledge of use of Ethnic Frame Drums is due to Glen Velez, N. Scott Robinson and Paolo Cimmino.

Since 2001 he has been teaching Music in Primary, Secondary and Post-Secondary Education. Furthermore, in the framework of Public Education he was teaching the course of traditional percussion instruments at the Music School of Agrinio, during the school years 2001-2002 and 2015-2016.

From 2000 until today he has been working as a Trainer for Adults, certified by EOPPEP*, at the Training Centres of N.E.L.E.*, at Lifelong Learning Centres, and at Public Institutes of Vocational Training, in programmes of Music Education, Music Therapy and Music-kinetic Education.

In 2015 he participated as a Special Scientist of I.E.P.*, in the writing of Educational Programmes and Teacher’s Guides for the Music High Schools and Lyceums in the thematic fields: “Traditional Music – Byzantine Music” and “Greek Traditional Music Choir”.

He is the organizer and Artistic Director of the first and second Frame Drums Meeting (G.F.D.M. I & II) that was held in Greece, at Mesolongi (March 2008 and May 2011), with guest (Ph.D.) N. Scott Robinson, professor of ethnomusicology at Towson University of Maryland, U.S.A.

Compositions / Music Scores:

  • Four Steps From Epirus – ISBN 978-960-93-4481-4
  • « ζ΄» a Riq solo – ISMN 979-0-9016091-0-5
  • « θ΄» a Bendir solo – ISMN 979-0-9016091-1-2
  • 15 Solos compositions for Toubeleki – ISMN 979-0-9016091-7-4
  • in 7 solo for a big size frame drum – ISMN 979-0-9016091-9-8

Methods for “Traditional Greek Percussion” and “Frame Drums”:

  • Applied Techniques of the Ethnic Frame Drums in the Greek Tambourines – ISMN 979-0-9016091-2-9
  • Method of Traditional Percussion Instruments: Toubeleki I – ISMN 979-0-9016091-3-6
  • Method of Traditional Percussion Instruments: Toubeleki II – ISMN 979-0-9016091-5-0
  • Method of Traditional Percussion Instruments: Riq I – ISMN 979-0-9016091-4-3
  • Method of Traditional Percussion Instruments: Riq II – ISMN 979-0-9016091-6-7
  • A music collection of skillful exercises for Toubeleki and the big – size Frame Drums – ISMN 979-0-9016091-8-1
  • Rhythmic Variations for the Greek Traditional Percussion – ISMN 979-0-9016188-0-0

E.O.P.P.E.P.: National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance

N.E.L.E.: Prefectural Committees of Popular Education

I.E.P.: Institute of Educational Policy